Lake of the Ozarks Eagles "Elsie & Einstein"
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Fall 2012 Spring 2013 Season

We constructed the E's a new nest box
and installed it August 13th in the current camera tree,, as their tree died and wasn't safe for a nest anymore.. They moved in on August 18th and seem very happy with it..
1st egg      Feb 9th 7:59pm
2nd egg    Feb 12th 6:55 pm

Ozark hatched March 19th 7:47 am 
Star hatched March 20th  7:18am
Fledgings June 8th  (81 days).
They flew away like Eagles around
August the 2nd.. We wish them luck
in their adventures, and will miss them

       Fall 2011-Spring 2012

After August tht E's never left at all this fall,, just piddled with the nest..
Earlie morning Feb 7th we believe 1st egg was layed

March 16th shortly after noon was first sighting of Spirit. 
March 17th around 5:30 pm was first sighting of Sunshine. 
Chance was 1st video'd March 24th

Chance the Youngest June 5th
Spirit the oldest June 11th
Sunshine June 12th
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